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Risks From Malfunctioning Equipment on the Job

Modern society could not exist without heavy machinery and powerful tools. We must understand that the men and women who operate these devices are at risk of being seriously injured should they have to use equipment that has not been properly maintained. Furthermore, members of the public passing by a

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Earning Income While Collecting SSDI

For people who develop disabilities later in life, the social security program offers a safety net: SSDI, which stands for Social Security Disability Insurance. Individuals who have worked for periods of their lives are “insured” by social security, meaning that if they develop a condition which prevents them from working

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Facts About Workers Compensation That May Surprise You

Workers’ Compensation is insurance which guarantees that workers who are injured on the job will receive medical care and payment for time lost due to injury. You don’t have to be a factory worker or laborer to be involved in an accident at work. There are numerous ways that one

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Low Back Pain: Common and Debilitating

Low back pain is the second most frequent reason people see their doctor, trailing only colds and flu in the number of complaints. Because the lower back supports much of the body’s weight, most people have experienced low back pain at some point in their lives. There are any number

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The Many Dangers of Forklift Accidents

In many ways, the operation of a forklift is an accident waiting to happen. Consider the conditions that most forklift operators are faced with: confined spaces, issues with driver visibility, high noise levels, other machines, people working in the area and heavy objects being moved above their heads. The forklift

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Injured by a Falling Object at Work?

Ideally, every workplace should be a safe and secure environment where employees receive the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, workplaces can at times be dangerous and employees may need to seek outside help to claim their compensation for injures obtained on the job. One of the most common types of workplace

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Common Injuries for Tradesmen

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, expected to grow to over 8 million metro area residents by 2040. So it’s easy to understand why, of all different kinds of jobs out in the Atlanta, GA workforce, there are so many tradesmen’s jobs, such as construction

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury Designation?

The average person normally recovers from most common injuries, but sometimes things can go wrong and one may sustain severe injuries that results in permanent physical or mental impairment. These types of injuries are called catastrophic injuries and can end in short or long term absence from work, and in

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