Top Reasons to Hire an Attorney Before Filing for SSDI

SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, can help you when your illness or injury renders you unable to work – but it’s not always easy to receive. In fact, as many as 40% of applicants will be turned down the first time they apply for benefits. This means that you may have to appeal the decision, resulting in more time without income or the ability to pay your bills.

Spell Out the Details of Your Claim

Why Hire an SSDI Attorney
An attorney can help you take care of all the SSDI paperwork so that you will be sure everything is filled out correctly and accurately. Even a small error can lengthen the process, so it’s important that everything is done correctly the first time. Errors may also lead to having your claim rejected, therefore working with an attorney to double-check everything can increase your chance of approval. Common reasons for rejection might include:

  • Factual errors
  • Not sending in all the paperwork
  • Not submitting all the necessary information
  • Sending in the wrong form
  • An attorney from the Law Office of John Snyder will help you to avoid these common errors so that your claim is not held up or rejected on a small technicality.

    Get All of the Evidence for Your Claim and Properly Present It

    An experienced SSDI attorney knows where to look for additional evidence that most people will often miss. Once the evidence is submitted, your attorney can prepare you for the hearing so that all evidence works for you. Many hearings will have a vocational expert and social security doctor, therefore it’s important for you to properly and completely address all questions. Having all of the evidence can give you a little advantage in your hearing, which will increase your chances of receiving benefits.

    Take Advantage of Your Attorney’s Experience and Knowledge

    SSDI attorneys have gone through this process multiple times before, and they are able to tackle all of the tough issues that might arise. Knowledgeable attorneys know what the judge is going to ask, and they’ll relay this information to you. For example, judges will want to know exactly how your injury or illness prevents you from being able to work and your attorney can help you with an accurate and compelling response that will satisfy the judge. They will ultimately ensure that all of your answers are clear and concise so that you explain your situation completely.

    Get the Right Support Throughout the SSDI Application Process

    When you apply for SSDI, it’s during a time in your life when symptoms of an illness or injury can make things extremely difficult. However, your attorney is there to guide and provide you with the necessary support to get through the process as painlessly as possible. They will help you to stay on track with things like hearing dates, compiling your evidence and making sure that everything is submitted on time and to obtain the benefits needed after suffering from injuries rendering you from being able to work.