Injured by a Falling Object at Work?

Ideally, every workplace should be a safe and secure environment where employees receive the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, workplaces can at times be dangerous and employees may need to seek outside help to claim their compensation for injures obtained on the job. One of the most common types of workplace injuries are those caused by a falling object. This affects hundreds of workers in Atlanta alone every year. But with some simple precautions, this number can be greatly reduced.

How to Prevent Injury from Falling Objects

Injured from falling objects
There are plenty of hazards in life that you simply cannot prevent. Why would you make yourself vulnerable to another hazard that you can take steps to avoid? The State Compensation Insurance Fund recommends some key safeguards that should be enforced in every work setting.

First, it’s important for workers to give adequate warning to those in the immediate area. This will help those below maintain awareness of the work being done overhead and could be crucial to protecting them from any objects that may accidentally slip out of hand. Warnings can be made verbally or with signs and notices placed nearby.

Second, all loads should be secured properly. Whenever a load is being lifted, make sure it is balanced and stable. There should be some form of wrapping to keep loose objects like boxes from sliding. This could be plastic, netting, or even nylon straps.

Third, make sure there are as few people as possible around when you are lifting loads overhead. Make sure the area directly beneath the area is clear of all personnel. Never lift an object over someone on the ground.

Fourth, watch your tools. Keep all handheld devices away from the platform edges. If you need to, tie them down to keep them from being knocked off accidentally.

Other safety practices include placing nets under elevated work areas to catch falling objects, scheduling work for hours when there will be fewer workers on the ground and installing boards and railings to keep objects from falling over the edge. It’s also important to remember that all employers are legally required to provide their employees with protective equipment when they will be working in a hazardous area. Steel-toed boots and hard hats are the last defense you can take to prevent personal injury.

After an Injury Occurs

Even if you take all the precautions that you should, an accident can still occur. If you have been injured by a falling object in the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation. However, many workers abandon the pursuit of what is rightfully theirs because they feel overwhelmed. But, after an injury occurs, know that you have options. Talk to an experienced attorney about the opportunities available to you. A skilled workers; compensation attorney from the Law Office of John Snyder can help you figure out the next step and will protect your rights in order to help you the compensation you deserve.