Risks From Malfunctioning Equipment on the Job

Risks from malfunctioning equipment on the jobModern society could not exist without heavy machinery and powerful tools. We must understand that the men and women who operate these devices are at risk of being seriously injured should they have to use equipment that has not been properly maintained. Furthermore, members of the public passing by a construction site could also be seriously harmed if there is electrical equipment or heavy machinery that is faulty or has not been properly secured.

Different Tools Equal Different Injuries

Exactly the kind of injury that may possibly take place varies according to the particular type of equipment being used and the specific type of malfunction that may occur. For example, when a crane malfunctions due to a lack of proper upkeep, overloading or to a criminally negligent operator error, the resulting injuries resulting from people falling or being crushed can be extremely serious, even fatal. Moreover, many machines contain electrical components, and there is a risk of electrocution if they malfunction.

Again, it’s important to note that it’s not just the workers who use these tools and machines to earn their livelihood that are exposed to potential dangers. For instance, puddles of water become electrified due to contact with broken current carrying cables, power chords, faulty connections, unprotected outlets, and other malfunctioning electrical parts and devices. If this water extends beyond the job site and onto the street it poses a serious threat to people on the street who are oblivious to any possible danger.

Equipment That Isn’t Working As It Should Is a Hazard

Sometimes equipment and machinery which has not received regular and adequate maintenance will misfire and blunder in fickle and unforeseeable ways. Any piece of machinery or tool that is not performing exactly as it should must not be used on the job until it is fixed and once again working in a completely predictable manner. The dangers associated with heavy machinery such as compactors and balers are easy to imagine. Nonetheless, it must be stressed that even hand held tools can be deadly under certain circumstances.

People who have been injured on the job at a construction site, in a warehouse, working in a kitchen, or passersby who have been injured as a result of proximity to an unsecured construction site, need to understand that they are entitled to compensation

Finding a lawyer who understands the legalities of worker’s compensation and personal injuries is crucial. The company is likely liable if they have not adequately addressed the risks for malfunctioning equipment on the job. Horrible trauma brought on by faulty equipment such as a head injury, loss of a limb and other severe injuries can be life changing, and can also entail high medical bills.

If you have been injured by improperly functioning equipment, you’ve already paid enough. Contact experienced workers’ comp and personal injury attorney John Snyder to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.