Trucking Accidents

an overturned semi truck on the highway after a crashAccidents involving large trucks can cause significantly more damage than a normal car collision. Due to their large size and weight, trucks have the ability to severely damage multiple cars in an accident. Besides the considerable damage to vehicles from an wreck involving the increased momentum and reduced control of a truck, this kind of vehicle accident can have devastating physical consequences for victims. That is why anyone involved in a trucking accident should consider hiring an experienced, truck wreck attorney. Truck accidents are notoriously complex. Just a few of the issues that may be involved in a truck accident are:

If any of these issues apply to a crash you have had with a truck, you may be entitled to compensation beyond what you were initially offered. Many insurance companies will make an offer that falls short of what an injured party truly deserves. These are some of the kind of ongoing costs that can result from a truck accident:

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Atlanta, you need a lawyer who is experienced and skilled at handling truck crashes. The law firm of John A. Snyder is an excellent choice for Atlanta area truck wreck cases. With years of experience handling truck accident cases of all types, our law firm knows how to be your advocate throughout the entire legal process. John A. Snyder is a highly qualified personal injury attorney who has built his reputation on excellence in client service – in and out of the courtroom.

Recovering from a serious trucking crash will take time and involve extensive costs. Don’t rely on the insurance companies to cover your expenses – they are not on your side. Instead, count on the law firm of John A. Snyder to fight for your right to adequate compensation. We offer free consultations to hear the details of your case in our offices, in your home, or at the hospital. Get the reimbursement you deserve for medical expenses, and receive compensation for your truck accident injuries. Contact the law firm of John A. Snyder today to schedule your consultation.

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