Tragic Injury Of Boxing Champ Serves As Sad Reminder

When two-time World Boxing Organization welterweight champion and Georgia native Paul Williams was paralyzed in an Atlanta motorcycle accident, it served as a tragic reminder of just how severe such wrecks can be. Williams is not the first person to suffer a paralyzing injury in such a collision, and sadly, he will probably not be the last. It is because such injuries can be so catastrophic, victims should contact an attorney as soon as possible following any motorcycle accident.

Williams was paralyzed from the waist down after he was thrown from his motorcycle. His spinal cord was severed in the accident that occurred just outside of Atlanta. However, Williams’ motorcycle accident was not unique. Such accidents occur throughout the Atlanta area on a regular basis. Though not all injuries are as severe as Williams, there are those that are even more catastrophic. The severity of injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident is one reason that victims should contact an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney immediately following the accident.

John A. Snyder is an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney who has experience in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for those injured in a motorcycle accident. If you have suffered a serious injury, contact The Law Office of John A. Snyder to arrange a free consultation to discuss your accident and to talk about what your case would entail. Your motorcycle accident does not have to dictate your future.