The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

logging workerIt may be counter-intuitive to think that people who travel for their employers suffer more on-the-job fatalities each year than police officers or construction workers do, but in 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 4,300 workers were killed on the job, and the majority of those were due to automobile accidents. In fact, jobs that most people would assume are the most dangerous, such as firefighters, actually have fewer fatalities than all other occupations each year.

So What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in America?

Believe it or not, according to Forbes, the most dangerous job in America is logging. Of the ten most dangerous jobs in America, half of them involve some form of transportation, including truck drivers, traveling salespeople, garbage collectors, pilots, and loggers. All of these workers interact with pedestrians and motorists in their line of work.

According to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration statistics from 2012, over 30,000 people are killed on the highway each year in America. Considering these statistics, it makes sense that so many commuters find themselves face to face with work-related injuries or fatalities each year.

The Most Dangerous Occupations Might Surprise You

Some of the occupations that make the list for being among the most dangerous jobs in America include those that you would expect to have above average, work-related injuries and fatalities, including power line workers, roofers, construction workers, farmers, and steel workers.

The above-mentioned jobs have long had reputations for being some of the most dangerous because they involve working at extreme heights, with heavy equipment, or with dangerous materials. One surprise appearance on the list is fishermen. Those who make their livings catching fish have the second-most dangerous job in America.

At-Risk Workers Are Entitled to Compensation When Injured

When work-related injuries or fatalities happen, the workers or their loved ones are rightfully entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Many employers, particularly in high-risk occupations, go beyond workers’ compensation to provide death benefits to the family of the worker. However, this is not always the case.

Many people who are eligible for workers’ compensation or disability insurance sometimes take for granted that the benefits they receive will cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and damages. Often, they do not realize that those benefits are capped at the workers’ salaries. When the injury results in permanent disability, or a workplace fatality costs a family their sole source of income, the costs of medical care and emotional distress far exceed a salary.

This is the point where you should turn to a personal injury lawyer to recoup those costs. Personal injury lawyers that handle workers’ compensation claims are uniquely qualified to get you or your loved ones the money you deserve after a tragic work-related injury or death.

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