Nerve Conduction Study Can Confirm Carpal Tunnel Injury

Many Georgia employees who suffer from a work-related repetitive stress injury find themselves having to retain a workers comp lawyer in order to obtain their benefits. Because unscrupulous individuals have tried to take advantage of employer benefits when their repetitive stress or carpal tunnel was due to some other factor, many employers and their insurance carriers require employees to prove that they do have a repetitive stress injury and that it is, indeed, work-related.

A workers comp lawyer can help you to obtain the medical documentation necessary to prove that your carpal tunnel is not due to some predisposing factor such as diabetes, obesity, or hypothyroidism. Your lawyer will also be able to guide you towards the proper diagnostic tests, such as nerve conduction testing, so that you can substantiate your workers comp claim. Your lawyer can also provide legal counsel regarding your rights and responsibilities when you return to work, especially if you have been placed on light duty.

It can be frustrating when you are denied your benefits, especially when you know that Georgia law entitles you to them. With the help of an experienced workers comp lawyer, you will be able to demonstrate your case and obtain the workers comp benefits to which you are entitled. You will also have the reassurance of knowing that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities under Georgia’s workers comp system. When you contact the office of John A. Snyder, your case will be overseen by a Georgia workers comp lawyer who knows and understands our state’s workers comp laws. John A. Snyder will assiduously pursue the compensation you are due for your carpal tunnel injury.