Counseling Because Your Boss Has Made You Crazy

You work in an office in Atlanta. Your boss is controlling, demanding, and you are convinced that he’s probably borderline psychotic, too. You are very sure that you need to see a counselor as the result of your work environment, and you are wondering if such psychological services would be covered by workers comp.

The short answer is, probably not. There are cases in which workers comp can cover treatment or care for mental conditions, but in those instances, the condition needs to have been brought about by a singular traumatic event while at work or be the result of a physical problem that developed or occurred at work.

For example, if you sustained an injury while at work and concurrently began to display signs and symptoms of depression, it would be relatively easy to make a correlation between your injury and the accompanying mental difficulty. In such a case, your depression would most likely be covered by workers comp along with the injury.

The real difficulty when it comes to mental issues and their care is that you and your doctor need to be able to offer medically valid evidence that the mental condition is the direct result of your employment. Simply claiming that your boss makes you crazy, however true that may be, is not enough to warrant workers comp benefits. If you have questions about whether you have a viable workers comp claim, Atlanta workers comp attorney John A. Snyder can consult with you regarding your case and advise you on how to best proceed.