How Long Will My Car Accident Case Take?

A car accident can bring your life to a standstill. Often while recovering you are left to ponder many difficult questions. When will you be able to go back to work? How will you pay for your medical costs and car damage? And there’s another question: do you need to pursue a lawsuit and if so, how long will that take? Every accident is different. Some personal injury cases can take as little as half a year, while others can take two to three years. But there are some key circumstances that affect the length.

How You Were Injured

If your injuries are extensive, you will be claiming equally extensive damages in your lawsuit. It is more likely that the insurance company will try and delay the process. The more injured that you are, the more vulnerable you are to delaying tactics that are done with the express purpose of applying pressure to you as a claimant. Your legal team is an important part of making sure that your case is resolved in a timely fashion. An experienced legal professional will work hard to keep the defense from stonewalling your case in an attempt to get you to settle for far less than you are entitled to.

Complex Circumstances

In a car accident where the evidence and circumstances are all fairly obvious, you can expect the case to be handled quickly. If there are multiple vehicles involved, however, or if alcohol was a factor, then you may be looking at a longer trial. Other factors which can complicate the case include the road conditions, condition of the vehicles involved or mechanical defects that could have caused the accident.

Resistance of the Opposing Side

This can be the number one factor in determining whether or not your case will be handled quickly. When the other side doesn’t want to cooperate, it can make negotiations much more difficult for your attorney. An experienced professional will have what it takes to navigate negotiations with insurance companies that may be obstructing your path toward compensation.

Experience of Your Legal Representation

Your legal representation is the key factor in shortening the duration of the case without compromising your best interests. While a quick settlement may bring the matter to a close, you only have one chance to file a lawsuit for your medical bills, damages, and pain and suffering. Make sure that you have the best resource available: an experienced personal injury attorney.