Common Injuries for HVAC Workers

HVAC worker injuriesWorking with an HVAC system is a demanding job, and it can be a very dangerous one. Potentially fatal HVAC hazards including electrocution, exposure to harmful gases and chemicals, and injury caused by falling from heights are all too common, especially if the HVAC is used without proper training and safety precautions. HVAC technicians take risks every day, therefore it’s important to be educated about the most common HVAC worker injuries and how to avoid them.

Heavy Lifting Strains

HVAC workers do a lot of heavy lifting, from removing heavy older equipment to moving and installing new equipment. This can easily cause strain that, if ignored, affects a worker’s ability to follow safety measures and use the HVAC system efficiently. When lifting heavy equipment, try to lift from the legs rather than the back to minimize back strain and never lock the knees. If a piece of equipment is too heavy to lift without strain, find another solution for lifting it. No equipment is worth the pain and difficulty of a strained muscle.

Shoulder and Neck Injuries

Like construction work, HVAC system work often leads to shoulder and neck injuries because of the physical demands of the job. Shoulder and neck injuries can cause lasting physical damage if left unchecked and can impact a worker’s ability to stay safe around HVAC equipment. These injuries not only limit range of motion, which is important when it comes to staying safe in a work area, but can also cause constant pain and discomfort.

Hand Injuries

There is plenty of cutting involved in HVAC work and dealing with delicate thread while working with 480 voltages can easily lead to hand injuries. It is much better to miss a call than risk a life-threatening accident because of a hand injury. Particularly in the case of hand injuries, focus and attention to detail is the best way to prevent a small accident that can have big consequences.

When it comes to staying safe and avoiding injury as an HVAC worker, the best advice is to stay focused on every job and always follow safety precautions. Even if they seem unnecessary, they are actually there to help you avoid injury. Being an HVAC worker can be a dangerous job, but many of the most common HVAC accidents are avoidable by remembering that no job is worth the risk of personal injury.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney

If an accident or injury has already occurred, do not return to work until the injury has been treated and healed fully. If someone is liable for the injury, it is crucial to speak with experienced and knowledgeable personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyer John Snyder. High medical bills and time spent away from work can cause as much damage as the initial injury, but John Snyder can help minimize the personal difficulty resulting from an injury. Time is an important factor in personal injury law, so talk with trusted attorney John Snyder as soon as possible.